Are You Enjoying the Journey?

Blogger: Kevin Lynch, Director of Interior Architecture | Dallas, TX, USA
July 21, 2011

Architecture 101: Your life consists of one deadline after the next. If you stop and think about it, your working career will be one roller coaster after the next until you retire or choose to do something else with your life.

Given this common affliction we all suffer from, I’m always amazed at how the constant drive towards a destination can leave us moving through life with blinders on – missing so much of what life has to offer along the way. It reminds me of when my family would drive from Denver to Phoenix for vacation when I was young. I would be so focused on getting there and having fun that I would almost completely lose two full days of time, barely paying enough attention to absorb mile after mile of scenic southwestern beauty.

As an adult, I have experienced much of the same. Whether at work or play, it’s so easy to get sucked into focusing on and worrying about the future. In the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, we're told that life unfolds in the current moment. Tolle basically states that there is never a point in our lives life when we are not physically living in the current moment. Our past, is a past now, our future, will be a future now, and the only true way to live life to the fullest is to consciously choose to live in the current moment.

I find this philosophy to be consistent with how the creative mind works. Bursts of creativity always happen in the current moment. I have noticed that when I am in that moment, wallowing so to speak in the creative energy, I feel the most alive. It’s at this moment when I get my best ideas and when I’m the most efficient at creative production. When I actively shift my focus to enjoying the journey, instead of worrying about meeting the deadline, things just naturally fall into place and it is so much easier to reach my stride.

So next time, forget the fear, anxiety, stress and worry of meeting a deadline. The deadline will be there whether you worry about it or not. Instead of letting the anxiety put you in a choke hold, chose instead to focus on the present moment and deliberately choose to enjoy the journey. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.

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Thanks KL.  You rock!

I loved this post. True not only of Architecture 101, but Life 101 as well. Look forward to reading more of your work.

As one of your older sisters, I have watched as you have gone through many parts of your life living for tomorrow, or worrying about yesterday. I admire your consistent drive to reach a place where you can just "be", and enjoy even the tightest of deadlines, the issue-riddled teenaged daughter years, and the challenges that arise with being talented, engaged, and a perfectionist. As you have persisted to find that place within that allows you to "enjoy the journey", you have modeled that it does not take a "spiritually enlightened" one or an inborn predisposition to achieve this state -- it takes a desire to live your own life fully, with eyes wide open, and a dedication to yourself to persistently seek out that which makes you whole. Oh, and a willingness to rededicate yourself to this purpose every morning as you wake.

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