Bridge Engineer | Salt Lake City, UT, USA

Curt has been a bridge engineer with HDR since 2008. He earned his Bachelor and Master of Science in Engineering from Brigham Young University. Upon college graduation, Curt worked for a Las Vegas, Nevada engineering firm, for which he designed more than one million square feet of industrial, office, warehouse, retail, hospitality and residential space. After joining HDR, Curt began working on bridges across the United States. He is a FHWA-certified bridge inspector, and he has been a LEED accredited professional since 2008.

Curt grew up in Murray, Utah, and he enjoys skiing, hiking and camping. He and his wife, Andrea, have five children. In April 2016, Curt had a life-changing experience building a bridge in an isolated rural village in Lurá, Panamá ​as part of a Bridges to Prosperity project team.