Senior Healthcare Planner | Chicago, IL, USA

Dave is a born and raised Chicago south-sider (though he now resides in the Loop). Dave is a Cornhusker by education and couldn’t be happier that Nebraska has moved to the Big 10. He has been with HDR since 1997 and is loving his 20 minute walk to the new Chicago Studio in the Inland Steel Building. Dave has spent the last 26 years specializing in Healthcare Architecture, but throughout his career has designed buildings ranging from a Water Lab, to an Auto Dealership, an Intermodal Gate Facility and a Ikea Furniture Store.

When not airline commuting to his projects around the country, Dave enjoys running, cycling and finding new adventures. He’s recently combined his love of running and travelling into destination half marathons. He’s run in London, Reykjavik and will be running on Easter Island this spring. He’s also a huge Chicago Blackhawks fan. A season ticket holder for a number of years, he still smiling from last season’s Stanley Cup victory.