President of Architecture

Doug started as an architectural intern at HDR 20 years ago and has been with the company since. He spent the first part of his career designing healthcare facilities throughout the U.S., and from that, started focusing more on the business development end of things. In 2006 he became the director of HDR’s healthcare program, and in 2012 he was named the president of HDR Architecture. Doug feels truly honored to have a job that consistently inspires him. He wakes up every day knowing that HDR is profoundly changing lives, which he says is, “pretty cool.”

Within HDR—and in the industry—Doug is known as the “Blogging + Tweeting President.” With his iPad and iPhone always at his side, Doug is constantly connected to the company via the blog posts he shares on his internal blog, Aspici, and the Tweets he posts on Twitter. Doug’s goal with these tools is to ditch the ivory tower approach to management and connect with employees and the architecture industry as a human being.

On the personal front, Doug is a foodie, a World of Warcraft aficionado, and a diehard Yankees fan. He’s a proud Glenwood, Iowa native, and can typically be found sporting a black Spyder jacket and dark jeans that look like dress pants, but aren’t.