Architectural Designer | New York, NY, USA

Jake Levine grew up wrapped in imagined worlds built out of paper clippings, pens, pencils, and building blocks. Afternoons were spent running through the backyard, paper airplane in hand humming engine noises, or constructing houses on the staircase.

His interests led him to study architecture at Lehigh University where he received his BA, spending a semester abroad in Florence, tracing the work of Bernini, Brunaleschi and Michelangelo. He continued to pursue his commitment to design by attending the University of Pennsylvania and graduating with a Masters of Architecture degree. During this time he received second place in the annual Schenk-Woodman competition, and the Gold Medal Brooke Prize for Distinguished Work in Architectural Design. 

Today he lives in NY and works frantically on local and international projects with the New York Studio. Still, he finds time to watercolor, and meander the urban fabric, pen in hand. You can find both his illustrations and his architecture at