Utility Planning Project Manager | Denver, CO, USA

With a career in Denver working on water, wastewater, and water reuse projects, Jamie has worn multiple hats as a design engineer, planner, and project and client manager. Joining HDR in 2016, he now focuses on planning and utility management.

Jamie grew up in Valdez, Alaska, whose existence revolves around water, from fishing, to tourism, to the oil tankers arriving at the end of the Trans-Alaskan Pipeline. Oil and fishing industries are major employers in Valdez, and after the 1989 oil spill, a strong environmental presence, balanced with industrial priorities, emerged and grew. Seeing how these entities worked together to create a sustainable community, Jamie was inspired to become an environmental engineer. Today, he is passionate about helping clients to evolve their “wastewater treatment” into “resource recovery.” He loves to travel, visiting 25 countries on five continents, where he sails, climbs, and enjoys honing his photography skills.