Interior Designer | Dallas, TX, USA

Jamie grew up in suburbia, wishing she lived in New York or Europe where life was a greater adventure. As a child, she was always sketching and painting, and re-arranging her furniture every few months into something new and exciting. Jamie has always been inspired by her surroundings and pays close attention to details that are often overlooked, such as a leaf on the ground or a texture on a pillow. When it was time to choose a college degree, she had no doubt it would be in the arts. After careful consideration, she realized that interior design was the perfect balance between architecture and a fine arts degree. Jamie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in interior design and a minor in architecture from Texas Tech University. She started with HDR as an intern in the summer of 2007, which turned into a full-time job after graduation. Outside of work she enjoys theatrical and musical performances, photography, art, and traveling.