Senior Strategic Communications Coordinator | Charleston, NC, USA

From an early age, Jara’s mom called her nosy, but she called herself inquisitive. She was always concerned, or maybe obsessed, with writing. She began journaling in the second grade when her mom gave her a journal. Since then, she has received a journal every year and enjoys documenting her thoughts, questions, jokes (especially from Laffy Taffy wrappers), random notes passed to her on the Omaha bus (serious story, there might be a blog about it), and life. That love for writing turned into two degrees. After finishing her graduate studies in journalism, Jara moved to Omaha and spent five years telling stories through print and online publications at a non-profit. Now she is a senior marketing coordinator in the Omaha office, where she supports strategic pursuits for the engineering company.

She enjoys her wine in moderation, her music in excess, and meat in the form of tofu and sometimes seafood. Oh, and she loves writing.