Healthcare Planning Director | Charlotte, NC, USA

Jim specializes in the planning and design of complex, state-of-the-art healthcare facilities, bringing transformative ideas to a variety of health care planning and design projects. He developed a passion for creating healing environments early in his architectural career, through two defining moments. The first includes an extended time he spent as an inpatient and while there, observed first hand, the negative effects hospitals can have on patients, visitors and caregivers. And the second occurred while in architecture graduate school; Jim became highly aware that architecture can uplift and inspire in a very physical, emotional and spiritual way.  It was these two drastically differing experiences with the built environment helped form a desire in him to create environments that inspire and positively impact our wellbeing.

Through his 20-year career, he has become a recognized national expert in designing flexible environments that encourage collaboration, accommodate advanced technology, and support leading research to develop positive outcomes. Jim's projects have received Modern Healthcare Design Awards as well as regional and national AIA awards.