Plumbing Designer | Phoenix, AZ, USA

John has been in the Plumbing Design industry for over 24 years, and joined HDR three years ago as a Plumbing Designer. John feels honored to finally have a truly rewarding job here at HDR. He wakes everyday eager to get to work to create something new or to help improve on an idea or process.

Within the HDR Phoenix office, he is known as John Inc. as he is involved in so many different aspects of what the Plumbing industry has to offer. John is a Technical Committee member of NFPA 99, a certified medical gas inspector performing inspections for local hospital projects, chairs a medical gas inspectors committee in Arizona which he issues a newsletter every other month, he co-chairs on a local contractors committee related to medical gas systems which include owners, contractors, inspectors, government officials, and verifiers.

When John is not playing in plumbing stuff, he likes to workout doing martial arts, or can be found on “Call of Duty,” cooking, watching football and hockey. You can usually find him barefoot in shorts and a t-shirt.