Communications Director | Omaha, NE, USA

Katie knew early on in life that she wanted to be a writer, having fallen in love with books when she was very young. She counts any day spent reading or writing as a great one.  She also feels incredibly blessed that she was able to transform that love into a career, and has spent the last three decades trying to hone her craft.

Among the many “aha” moments in her professional life was the day she read William McDonough’s 1993 sermon entitled “Design, Ecology, Ethics and the Making of Things.” His passion struck a deep chord within her, and she began a personal and professional journey into searching for ways she could contribute to helping safeguard the planet for future generations.

A Minnesota native who has been transplanted to Florida, Illinois and Nebraska, Katie’s heart is happiest when she is sitting on her family’s dock on Lake Bertha outside of Pequot Lakes, Minnesota, with her husband, daughters, grandchildren and dogs by her side.