Architectural Designer | Omaha, NE, USA

Kevin is a recent graduate of the University of Nebraska Lincoln’s architecture program. An avid traveler, he has spent large portions of time studying abroad in Europe and working in Asia before joining with HDR in April of 2010. His relationship with architecture, like many, is complicated.  Growing up in Nebraska, he fell into the same LEGO, Tinker Toy, K’NEX, trap that many future architects do, but he doesn’t regret it. Kevin says that, “the initial challenges of design can be very intimidating, but the satisfaction that one receives when it is complete can’t be matched.” He loves telling the stories within architecture through the use of graphics images, and the occasional bit of text. Every once in awhile he can get carried away with an idea and believes that it is good to get constant feedback from more level-headed individuals because it is so easy to get lost in the excitement of an idea.