Sustainable Design Project Manager | Omaha, NE, USA

Kim is a long-time granola-head who realized her passion for architecture when she was “commissioned” to design her dream house in the third grade. She has spent her life learning about everything she comes in contact with. When this becomes overwhelming, she uses running and yoga as a means to de-stress and think more clearly. This Iowa State University graduate has made the Midwest her home for the majority of her life, but she has very fond memories of her years living in Seattle, learning to appreciate good coffee, loud music, and micro-brewed beer.

After hours, Kim enjoys spending time reading, playing games with her architect husband and two children (we recommend Ticket to Ride and Bananagrams), walking the dog, and sharing wine and conversation with family and friends. Her interest in architecture and sustainable design fuels her appreciation of the energy of cities as well as the serenity and beauty of outdoor spaces.