Architectural Designer | New York, NY, USA

Laura’s interest in design has towed her around for most of her life—first attaining a BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design, where she convinced her advisors to let her run an independent study designing a dining hall for a tiny village in Tanzania. She later moved to Philadelphia where she attended the University of Pennsylvania, completing a Masters of Architecture degree and certificate in ecological architecture. While subsisting exclusively on Red Bull, she won second prize in the Schenk-Woodman competition for a project involving a ridiculously large kiln in North Philadelphia. She helped to produce the “Inhabiting Geometry” exhibit at the Institute of Contemporary Art with (then) living legend Anne Tyng, and worked with local firms on healthcare projects in Philadelphia and New York.

HDR gave Laura the opportunity to combine the two things she loves: making things and attempting to improve the world through design. She can be found in Brooklyn, constantly re-arranging the furniture in the apartment she shares with her dog, and working with her ever-inspiring team in the New York design studio.