Senior Sustainable Consultant | San Francisco, CA, USA

Matt grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, but has lived in Colorado, San Diego and Oregon―recently returning to San Francisco to join the Sustainable Design Solutions group at HDR. He has an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Colorado and a graduate degree in architecture from the University of Oregon. 

Matt is passionate about the design of our cities, the livability of our communities, the preservation of the environment, and the connection to place (bioregionalism). He tries to walk the talk and live as lightly as possible: riding his bike everywhere, cooking and eating locally and seasonally, and volunteering for the SF Bicycle Coalition and other local community groups. Matt doesn’t own a TV and is an avid reader on all things related to architecture, urban design, and the environment (his favorite book is The Emerald Mile). When not in the city, he can be found somewhere outside, usually camping and hiking amongst mountains, coasts, and redwoods that surround the region. If it’s winter, then you can find him riding fresh tracks in Sierras.