Creative Technologist | Omaha, NE, USA

An aspiring curmedgeon and an Aquarius, Michæl brings a balance of creativity and analytics to solve problems great and small. Just a young pup when he joined HDR, he's now a thirty-something married father of two. He is very proud when 5-year-old Sam exclaims he will be a sculptor and an artist. He voraciously consumes information; he also enjoys consuming green pork chili, black coffee, India Pale Ale, and tonic water made with cane sugar.

To many, Michael may seem smart. In reality, it's his willingness to iterate through mistakes to arrive at the correct solution that distinguishes him. His interests range from typography to cooking, doodling to web design, Adobe InDesign to open-source software. Michæl's superpower is his immunity to stress. That said, he does struggle to keep his desk clean.