Architectural Coordinator | Omaha, NE, USA

Since he can remember, Ross has always wanted to be an architect. It started with spending countless hours building houses and structures out of LEGOS, and moved on to requesting and receiving Home Design Computer Software as a teen for birthdays and Christmases. This infatuation with designing homes and buildings as a child grew into a passion for design that has only continued to consume his daily life (you can find Ross checking out ceilings or floors in new buildings as well as touching wall materials of buildings). Therefore, pursuing an architectural degree in college was a no-brainer and a perfect match. Ross attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, earning a B.S. in Design – Architectural Studies in 2008, and a master of architecture and master of business administration in 2010. While in graduate school Ross took part in the London Architecture Program, traveling all over Europe with a backpack and staying in hostels, which broadened his horizons as an individual and as a designer.  In his free time, while not cheering on the Huskers or watching sports, Ross enjoys adding to his mid-century modern furniture collection as well as designing new furniture pieces.