Senior Environmental Scientist | Sarasota, FL, USA

Sherri is a Professional Wetland Scientist, a Gopher Tortoise Agent, and Envision-certified professional. She recently completed a Master’s in Global Sustainability, which included an internship with the International Sava River Basin Commission in Zagreb, Croatia where she focused on integrating wetland-based tourism as a tool for communities to protect local biodiversity. She participates on National Estuary Program committees and volunteers in her community including as Sustainability Manager for the Sarasota Bay Water Festival and on the Care Team for Selah Freedom.

Sherri enjoys adventure travel: some trips have included hiking to Machu Picchu, caving in Spain, scootering in Majorca, diving sea caves in Italy, and chasing the Tour du France through the Pyrenees. She's a backyard beekeeper and she loves sailing in Sarasota Bay.