Director of Retail + Mixed-Use | Sydney, NSW, AUS

Susanne’s children, Ava + Tom, can’t for the life of them understand how people get paid “Just to draw.” When she try’s to explain that architects do more than that—they create—the dialogue becomes even more animated. And it’s here that she stops and pauses, because invariably, of course, her childrens' logic is sound—architects are enormously privileged to contribute to the making of the world, which is something that is easy to forget.

As for hobbies, it’s hard for Susanne to list them because she’s an architect who is married to an architect and that means everything she does is through that lens! But here’s a glimpse: “I love books that are beautifully written; I love a sharp mind, and in my next incarnation, will become a neuroscientist; I love the night and the way my children look when they first wake; I love that my parents think everything I do is a miracle; and I love the way knowledge can inform our path, but that the heart makes the biggest difference to the journey.”