Creative Destruction

Blogger: Kevin Augustyn, Architectural Designer | Omaha, NE, USA
May 11, 2012

Everyone goes through “those” painful moments during a project.  The moments when our file names go from being descriptions of content to expletive outbursts that have been bottled up inside during the times when things just can’t seem to get much worse.  Deadlines, slow/ broken computers, uncooperative clients—all of these factors play a role in adding stress to the lives of individuals in the world of design.  Society says that if we do what we love, we will never work a day in our lives….but what if we have a love-hate relationship with our chosen professions?  I’ve found, with design anyway, that releasing a small amount of creative destruction goes a long way in alleviating the stress that comes standard in creative professions. 

Now maybe it’s just me, but how much time do we spend sitting at our desks wanting to scream?  How many times do we want to pick up our computers and throw them out the window?  Well, I say, don’t throw your computer out the window, throw your design out the window!  Or better yet, get onto 3D Warehouse, find the latest model of an f-22 raptor, bring it into your model, and fire one of those heat seeking missiles at it!  Frustrated with that skyscraper you’ve been putting so many hours into?  I know of some great King Kong/ Godzilla models out there that would love to play an integral role in pan-caking that glass tower! 

I’m not sure how productive of a goal this is, but I’ve always wanted to see a building I’ve helped design play a sacrificial role in Hollywood’s latest installment of chaos and destruction.  I can just imagine explaining to my friends the detailing of the curtain wall as an enormous meteorite plows into its side, sending glass and debris flying across the screen.  Would I feel a sense of loss at the destruction that had just taken place?  Yes, but I can also understand that this digitally created masterpiece could not have been created without this sacrifice, and the karmic retribution would be priceless! 

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the projects that I get to work on. But there are some days when you just have to let go and unleash a small, but productive amount of creative destruction. 

Image—Flickr CC: jronaldlee