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Blogger: Steve Riojas, Director of Education, Science and Tech | San Francisco, CA, USA
May 13, 2013

His second attempt at starting freshman year in college failed more miserably than the first. Time was slipping by as high school buddies either found the groove or equally stumbled. Working for beer money, lounging at home or with buddies formed a blurry future—no future really.

Confronted with what really matters over a Sunday morning coffee, he struggled to articulate a vision that was vaguely directional yet yielded many questions. “I like working with my hands," followed by “I like being outdoors,” and “I like making things.” OK, that was a start, and those vignettes meant more to him than enlisting in an endless litany of English, science and math prerequisites that purportedly would somehow unlock the lens of clarity.   

Not 30 minutes later, a text appeared on the cell phone, “I want to study equine science and horse husbandry.” He had connected the dots of passion: animals, well—specifically horses—sun and wind in his face, and a fledging notion of how interests and talents could converge with a business idea. The third attempt at freshman classes was different; there was genuine passion, a hunger to succeed at one thing to reach another.

Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer of N2growth recently said, “Passion is a key driver in achieving success because passion creates purpose. Purpose in turn creates focus, focus leads to results and results will normally move you closer to the fulfillment of your goals.” Life benefits from passion, and all the tedious tasks and thankless efforts required along most career pathways cannot be completed if the emotions that fuel an inner drive are absent or limited. Unlocking the secrets that motivate will certainly lead to what Tony Robbins predicts: “Passion is the genesis of genius.” 

That young student was destined for years of aimless indifference, not for lack of legitimate role models, but missing relativity.  Born of proud urbanites, who would have guested that his journey would start with a pick-up truck, followed by cowboy boots, then Wranglers with seams opened at the bottom, a grueling job at the local hay and grain feed store, and finally a straw Stetson cowboy hat.

Passion is what really matters. Follow it to remarkable places.

Image courtesy of Steve Riojas

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I can very much empathize with this. My first two attempts at college were met with similar levels of apathy, as I was just going through the motions because going to college what I was "supposed to do." Attempt number three was met with only top marks, even in the classes I didn't enjoy as much, because I knew what I wanted and I was focused on doing something I actually enjoyed.

Passion changes the equation.

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