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Butterfly Earth Serveware, by Nambe
Joust Wine Rack & Cradle Wine Server and Coaster, by Nambe
Salad Bar Set, by Nambe

Gifts for Designers: Form+Function

Blogger: Jamie Marcyniak, Interior Designer | Dallas, TX, USA
December 21, 2012

As the Christmas season is upon us, it’s a great time to talk about gift giving. Designers can be very hard to buy for. The designer in your life is probably as particular as I am when it comes to style and especially home décor.

My number one recommendation: never buy a home décor item for a designer. Even if you have a keen insight into what their personal style embodies, they most likely have everything designed to a T and in place at their home.

What I do recommend is something with style that is functional. Since I love to cook and entertain, I personally love anything functional for the kitchen. Yes, this may sound boring, but don’t underestimate a sexy, sleek serving platter, bowl, or wine chiller. Serving ware is a great hybrid between decorative and functional. I love the idea of something that can be kept tucked away, not creating clutter, but can be brought out on special occasions.

My favorite kitchen serving ware is from Nambe. This brand brings a sleek style and sexy curves to their designs. You can’t go wrong with a gift from Nambe. My favorites are the designs that combine metal with wood. The balance of the cold metal and the warm wood is very beautiful. Their designs are fluid and sleek and very recognizable.

They design more than just serving ware, so I recommend checking them out at www.nambe.com. I’m not in love with everything on their website, but the majority of their designs are top notch. Since Christmas is only days away, they sell this brand at Macy’s too for last-minute shopping.

Happy shopping and have a very merry holiday season!

All images courtesy of Flickr: NambeUSA (Image 1: Housewarming Experts | Image 2: Butterfly Earth Serveware | Image 3: Joust Wine Rack & Cradle Wine Server and Coaster | Image 4: Salad Bar Set)

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Good tips. I would live in fear of buying any kind of home decor for an interior designer and you confirmed it :)

Also, I just bought flatware from Nambe and I love it! We can get it in Omaha at Borsheim's.

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