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Make it Plywerk

Blogger: Jara Sturdivant-Wilson , Senior Strategic Communications Coordinator | Charleston, NC, USA
December 04, 2012

Are you struggling to figure out that perfect holiday gift for your digital photo geek friends (aka Instagram addicts) for the holidays? Look no further than Plywerk. My husband introduced me to Plywerk last year at Christmas. He jokingly said that my Christmas gift was another dog. You can imagine my eye roll when I heard that was my gift; at that point, I did not want another dog, but that’s another blog.* But then, you can only imagine my joy and surprise when he showed me a beautiful Instagramed photo of our dog, Earle, on a beautiful bamboo frame.

Plywerk provides their customers with these beautiful eco-conscious ways to display their photography and artwork. I didn’t have to worry about any glass or frames or figure out how to mount this most adorable photo of Earle. This paneled photo of Earle just is. Plywerk pieces make the perfect gift for you, your family, friends or that one Instagram user you sort of stalk (you know you do).

The pieces are available in sizes from 2.5" x 2.5" (ornament size!) to 30" x 45" on maple or bamboo. Go online, upload a fantastic photo (Instagram or not) and order. Simple as that. Well, you have to pay for it, but the prices are pretty affordable.

* We have since gotten another dog. He, too, is a chiweenie like Earle, and his name is Franklin Buckley.

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have you seen you can print on aluminum there from either an iOS or android device.

I have heard of it. I think the app is so cool because you can send photos directly from your phone. I haven't downloaded it, but I might have to try it out soon!

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