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Paranormal Creativity

Blogger: Alfred Uzokwe Jr., Mechanical EIT | Washington, DC, USA
November 02, 2011

I HATE scary movies. Actually, hate may be too strong a word, so let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of them. Why people deliberately pay to see movies filled with extreme blood, gore and general devastation is beyond me. And yes, I’m talking to all of you Saw fans out there. These movies just aren’t up my dark, menacing alley. Personally, I would take a Disney movie over a scary movie any day.

That being said, I have seen and enjoyed the psychological thriller, Paranormal Activity, multiple times, and I am planning to see Paranormal Activity 3 soon. This entry in the scary movie genre moves away from the constant hack, slash, blood and gore approach of other movies. It gets inside your head by portraying horror in settings that normal people encounter on a daily basis. The movie is shot in an average house with an ordinary camcorder through the eyes of one of the main characters. The style is creatively simple yet incredibly effective. And although the movie was produced with a budget that was less than 1% of the budget for the first Saw film, it outperformed Saw in the box office by $90 million, proving how effective it was as scary movie.

In my three months as a Mechanical EIT, I’ve found that designers are often pushed to employ the same “design method ” used in the production of Paranormal Activity: they’re given a small budget to design building systems that amaze and awe the building owner, client and building tenants;  simple yet immensely effective. But with a small budget is it always possible to create this work of art?

Video courtesy of YouTube: trailers (Paranormal Activity 3 trailer)

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This post scared the %$^# out of me.

In honor of spooky season, I actually watched the first Paranormal Activity last Sunday.  Seriously, I haven't gotten any sleep all week!  Scary movie!  I keep telling myself not to consider seeing 2 and 3, but I'm strangely curious about self-inflicting fear.....again.

Psychological thrillers get me much more than the blood-and-gore genre. That said, the first Saw did get inside my head for a long while. (I think the Saw movies devolved into pure gore not long after) And the Bloody Mary schtick in the Paranormal Activity 3 trailer is something I grew up with and always terrified me.

I highly recommend, and at the same time, don't recommend seeing the Paranormal Activity 3. I'm still afraid to look into my bathroom mirror.

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