Stay Humble

Blogger: Paula Brammier, Creative Director | Omaha, NE, USA
November 14, 2011

My children’s karate Instructor loves to teach about karate and about life, which is not an easy task. One day during class, the instructor looked around the room at the black belts and asked a few of them to give some advice to the little kids. One of the most skilled black belts stood up and spoke about something the instructor once told him—“stay humble.” Those two words stuck with me from that day forward. Stay humble.

What does it mean to stay humble? The better we get at what we do, the more foreign that phrase seems to become. Staying humble means remembering where you came from. Allowing yourself to be critiqued. Listening to others instead of talking about yourself. And subtly influencing design rather than forcing your point of view on what others are creating.

Humble designers never stop getting their hands dirty. They don’t have to tell people they are qualified; they show people their qualifications by doing great work. In the process of doing this work, people begin to respect these designers not because they are told to, but because they want to. People are more impressed with your skills/qualities when they get the chance to see them firsthand rather than reading about them in a resume. Go figure.

I encourage designers to grow in their careers and be proud of their accomplishments, but I challenge them to always stay humble. Achieving new levels of excellence is what design is all about, but doing it with grace and humility is what will make you, as a designer, unforgettable.

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Thank you so much for this post. Lovely message, and so timely. This is the secret ingredient to successful integrative design and true collaboration, which is more and more in demand by our clients and the pulse of the industry towards regenerative solutions based on living systems thinking.

Beautiful article. Thank you. 

Humbly yours ... 

Wow Paula!  Well said, I absolutely loved this post.  Thank you for your insight.  As as a young person in the design field, these are uplifting, motivating, and inspirational words to my ears!

Well said, PB. Keep leading by example.

Thank you, Paula, for this beautiful and thoughtful message.   

Paula, I could not have stated better myself! 

I believe the true heart of a real designer is in the act of "making".  Ascribing purpose and grace to the objects (large or small) that inhabit our conscience lives, allowing them to transcend just everyday ordinary experience and constantly remind us of our ability to have truly exceptional experiences. Making requires being humble and listening to the material and the emotional substance of a thing simultaneously in order to uncover and render its exceptional life.












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