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Blogger: Paula Brammier, Creative Director | Omaha, NE, USA
September 23, 2011

Design your career to fit your lifestyle.

You have to earn flexibility. You have to prove your talent. You need to over communicate and make up for not being able to work face-to-face and side-by-side with everyone you collaborate with. You have to stay ahead of industry trends and use new technology (while not forgetting the importance of human interaction and picking up the phone from time to time). 

Today, life is busier than ever. It’s not always easy or convenient, but “life” means more to the career professional than it ever has before. From multitasking,  traveling around the world, having flexibility with living options, and getting the opportunity to work from home so you can see your child’s face when they walk in the door after school, most working professionals are able to design their careers the way they like. What’s our secret?

You have to build relationships, trust and rapport. You have to do more than you were hired for. You need to make great first impressions. You need to make life and work easier for the people you work with (and the people you live with). It’s plain and simple—you need to be good at what you do.

Don’t miss that ball game or your kindergartner’s Halloween party. Stay up late to get your work done so that you can go out and play on the weekend. Create a life/work balance that works for you, just don’t ever drop the ball on either end. 

Make life and work worth it―make every moment count. Enjoy your flexibility, but remember that you do have to earn it. And if for some reason you have to miss out on the fun stuff from time to time, well, that’s life―try harder to make it work next time.

Gotta run―it’s my turn to bat!

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