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We Believe in LA

Blogger: Amy Williams, Managing Principal, Vice President | Los Angeles, CA, USA
October 05, 2016

Although it’s one of the largest cities in the world, Los Angeles has for many years lacked a city center. Now the movement of business seems to be shifting from the surrounding west-side communities to downtown, and HDR is proud to be involved in this revitalization. Whether it's expanding transit options, creating technologically advanced academic buildings, or designing patient-centered hospitals, we're part of improving a city on the move.

This video explores this transformation and how HDR is transforming, too—and playing a crucial role in making life better for LA’s residents.

Our work as the Architect of Record on the Martin Luther King, Jr. Multiservice Ambulatory Care Center project is a perfect example. This is a publicly funded outpatient care center located next to Martin Luther King Jr. Hospital. For years, the surrounding community’s healthcare needs were severely underserved, and this project has transformed the community.

Our thoughtful implementation of the details, such as the expansive curvature of the curtain wall design and the open, bright entry lobby, really made a difference. Today, the outpatient care center not only provides emergency care, but it also encourages a lifestyle that includes preventative care—all in a warm and welcoming environment.

A metropolitan area with nearly 13 million residents demands diversity. Los Angeles’s challenges cannot be solved by individuals alone. As Design Director Kate Diamond says in the video: “What I find totally amazing and exciting about HDR is that every time I’m faced with an issue we have expertise somewhere within the greater company.”

In LA, our designers and engineers are collaborating to redefine our local rail transportation network through our work on the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority (Metro) Link Union Station (Link US) project. The project will transform Union Station, resulting in enhanced operational capacity with an elevated rail yard, new passenger concourse, and run-through tracks. We’re also working with various government agencies on sustainable uses of water and reduction of energy consumption.

I see HDR as a bridge to connecting Los Angeles to the best long-term solutions for the growth and health of the city. From our examination of the future of healthcare in our new book, Delta, to our commitment to post-occupancy evaluations, we’re focused on furthering our clients’ businesses and enabling their success and ability to serve others. Our projects address some of the city’s biggest issues, including the well-being of its residents.

But we don’t just do it for the work. We do it because we live here. This is our city. We believe in LA.

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Awesome work, Amy, Kate and the LA crew.  Thanks for inspiring and leading the rest of the company.  Great examples of the work that spans Engineering and Architecture, and simply results in better built environments for our communities.

I am thrilled to be included on many of these great projects! I echo the sentiment that the SoCal offices are like a family, and are very welcoming of professionals from other zip codes.

Watching your video was truly amazing and inspiring.  From my office here in Ann Arbor, Michigan, this makes me proud to have joined such a change-making and thoughtful organization.  It illustrates the passion of our leaders and staff and portrays that our work is boundless.  It also makes me want to visit LA!  Thanks for sharing...


Thanks for your thoughts.  LA is a unique and inspiring place, the beauty of HDR is that we are able to touch many unique places all over the world.  I have never been to Michigan, I am sure it is special and I need to put that on my list of places to visit.

Thanks for sharing your inspirational story, LA team and others. I'm proud to be part of the same company!

Having grown up in the LA area and continue to have strong family ties throughout the region, I’m glad to see the focus on growing HDR in that market. As my Dad once said, they build more by accident than most areas can plan for. That being said, I’m glad to see HDR focusing on one of the largest and continually growing markets in the Country.  Transportation, water and wastewater provide for huge opportunities that we can expand and provide the great services HDR is known for. Thanks for sharing your experience and plans for the future.

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