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Why Walmart is Getting Healthcare Right

Blogger: Jim Atkinson, Healthcare Planning Director | Charlotte, NC, USA
May 01, 2015

This blog was originally written as a guest post for Healthcare Design's blog series.

In the post-Affordable Care Act era, patients are becoming empowered consumers that have a much bigger say in how and where their healthcare dollars are being spent.

Retail clinics understand this growing shift in consumer preferences and have responded by lowering the cost of care. They’ve also taken steps to make care more convenient, such as extending hours of operation, offering visits without appointments, and opening locations on practically every corner.

Walmart, the provider of $4 generic pharmaceuticals, now provides $4 clinical visits covering a range of services, from diagnosis and treatment of basic medical conditions to management of chronic disease.

So how do retailers keep costs low?

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Image © Creator: Mike Mozart
Walmart Store 
Walmart Store, Manchester, CT. 8/2014 by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube.
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Another example of WalMart's progressive approach to healthcare in this recent New Yorker article: Very unexpected to see WalMart leading the way, but they impact so many lives... good for them for leading the way.

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