Window, Doors and Walls

Windows, Doors and Walls: Picturesque Portals Create Lasting First Impressions

Blogger: Lynn Mignola, Strategic Facilities Planner | Princeton, NJ, USA
December 07, 2016

I was recently on vacation and in looking over my vacation shots, I recognized a recurring theme: I take a lot of pictures of walls, doors, and windows.

Why am I drawn to these types of images?


I believe what draws me to walls is their texture—whether it’s formed by rocks, bricks, mosaics, or people.


With doors, it could be a door’s simplicity of form that speaks to me. Or, maybe it’s the contrast between the door color and the wall color. More likely is the idea of possibility, with the door as the portal to the unknown. It’s intriguing to think about what lies on the other side of that door, how long it has been there and who has inhabited the building, often over hundreds of years.


For me, windows are a combination of the two. I don’t usually take a photo of clear glass, or a scene outside of a window. My eye instantly focuses on the pattern of the window itself or the contrast between the window opening and the wall in which it is encased.

I’m not totally sure why I gravitate to those images. But of all of my photos, those walls, doors, and windows are the ones that I remember taking, keep perusing, and always like the best.